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Audio Samples

Live Recordings

The following samples are from live recordings, where we mixed Front of House and recorded the event. Some post-production work was done after the event, but for the most part, these samples represent the way it sounded 'in the room' live when it was performed. Whether it's a church choir, full band, or solo performance, C4 Recording has the talent and experience to run live sound in your venue and record the event!

Solo Singer Recordings

The following samples showcase talented singers performing with backing tracks. These singers were recorded in our studio, singing to their backing tracks. Some people we've recorded have done it for fun, others to submit to talent shows, and others to talent agents. Quality counts at C4 Recording, and we'll work with you to get the best sound possible on your CD.

Studio Recordings

Here are a few samples of singer-songwriters we've recorded here in our studio. Our recording space is limited in size, but because we are a mobile recording facility, we can come to your band gig or rehearsal and record you where you're most comfortable.

Mixing Projects

Here are a few samples of mixing and post-production work we've done. In these cases, the artists had either recorded themselves in their own studio, or had recorded at a different studio. When they couldn't get the mix they wanted, they called on C4 Recording to mix their songs. Our mixes ended up on their CDs - that's the true testimony of our work. Call us today - we can do the same for you.

All licensing and copyrights for all songs above belong to the artists and/or their publishing companies.

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