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Our Business

C4 Recording Studio is a small, independent recording studio in Mansfield, Ohio.  We specialize in mobile, 'on-location' recordings.
In other words, you don't come to the studio...we bring the studio to you!  We also provide regular in-studio recording services for  solo artists and small band projects. 

Our Services

Basic services include recording and mixing of audio projects, with the final product being delivered on a CD-R.  We can also provide mastering services, CD label and jacket design and printing, and small-run CD duplication.  

Our Equipment

Recording DAW: Roland VS-2480 Digital Workstation provides 24-bit, 24-track recording.  Fully stocked with effects and plugins.
Mixing Board:  Mackie SR24-4 mixing board can be used to sum additional inputs if necessary.
Microphones:  AKG C418 (x2) small clip-on condenser mic - for toms, horns, etc.
AKG D112 dynamic mic - for kick drum, bass, etc.
EV N/D767A (x2) dynamic mic - for lead singers, backup singers, etc.
Marshall Electronics MXL-603s (x2) small diaphragm condenser mic - acoustic guitars, overheads, choirs, etc.
Shure SM57 (x4) dynamic mic - for guitars, drums, vocals, percussion, etc.
Studio Projects B1 (x2) large diaphragm condenser mic - for guitars, drums, vocals, etc.
Studio Projects C1 large diaphragm condenser mic - vocals, guitars, etc.
Studio Monitors Event PS-6 biamped monitors
Additional Gear: dbx 386 dual microphone preamp with digital outputs
FMR RNC-1773 compressor
Roland R8 drum machine
Samson S.3-way crossover
Tascam CD-RW700 stand-alone CD recorder
   Various PC-based software for final product mastering and production  

Our Rates

Basic services start at $20/hour.  Rates for mastering, CD label and jacket design and printing, and small-run CD duplication will vary by project.  Rates for mobile recording start at $20/hour, but may need to be adjusted depending on travel and setup times.  We offer free consultation before any project in order to help you better understand what what we do, how we do it, and what your cost will be.

Our Story

C4 Recording Studio is run by Chris 'Hook' Skelnik.  He has been playing drums for over 20 years, and played hundreds and hundreds of live gigs throughout the Midwest.  After recording in various studios in and around the Chicago area, he took the plunge and created a home studio in the late 90s.  While his drumming can be heard on various independent releases, his heart and passion now lies on 'the other side of the glass'. 

Chris has also co-authored "Roland VS Recorder Power!", a book which offers in-depth coverage of the most popular Roland VS-series of digital recorders.

Our Attitude

It’s all about atmosphere, creativity, fun…and a quality product at an affordable price.

 C4 Recording Studio is geared towards artists and bands that are looking to capture their sound in a relaxed and casual atmosphere.  We aren’t in the business to make money on unsuspecting artists or bands that don’t know better.  Our goal is to provide you with a quality product that you will be proud of, and have it be something that didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.  Whether you are a full-time musician working on your 4th solo CD or someone who’s never seen a condenser microphone before, C4 Recording Studio is a very “sound” choice.

  • If you’ve never had a high-quality, digital recording of yourself or your band, C4 is for you.
  • If you’ve been in a studio before but walked away feeling pressured by time and money, C4 is for you.
  • If your previous studio effort sounded the way somebody else liked it, not the way you liked it , C4 is for you.
  • "See For" yourself, and remember, every project starts with a free consultation to better understand your expectations and goals!

Our Environment

Even though we're pretty laid back, we've still got a few rules...
  • If you schedule a consultation, please call us if you can't make it.  We're not lawyers, so please don't treat us like we are.
  • No smoking.  If we see smoke, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.
  • There isn’t any valet parking.
  • The only receptionist you’ll see is a 90-pound German Shepherd (she's an angel, really).
  • We don’t provide a deli-tray, although "Mrs. C4" has been known to whip up a sandwich or two for nice people.
  • The studio does not have any fancy drum machines, sequencers, samplers, etc.  Well, OK, we do have a drum machine, but nobody can figure out how to work the darn thing.  We've got the mics and the recording gear.   You still gotta supply the musical talent...

For more information, call us (419) 529-5588 or email chris@c4recording.com